Hi user from ec2-34-204-180-223.compute-1.amazonaws.com, this is the web-interface of the Counter.

Here you can choose between:

Information about #blafasel,

and about the local IRC network:

Some local databases:
  • Expand a top level domain.
  • Expand an acronym.
  • Expand a german KFZ.
  • Check the AVON (german telephone prefix) Database
  • Spell a word or phrase
  • Translate a word from or to morse code
  • Generate a senseless mangement statement.
  • Lookup an Ethernet OUI (ethercode).
  • Lookup a german BLZ (postcode).

Please remember that this is still an IRC bot, so all this information can also be accessed via the ctcp interface.
The ctcp-interface also contains gateways to the following data sources:

If you want some background information about all this, look here.
You can edit your "Blafasel user info" on this page, and there is also an aggregated RSS of #b-users on planet.blafasel.de.

Counter[v0.9], by Stefan `Sec` Zehl