Version v0.9f talks MVV. Thanks to axel and
Version v0.9g added a gateway for WETTER (courtesy of hoeni and
Version v0.9h has a SPELL feature, and MOTD which you now see.
Version v0.9i now features "FB" to search the "Fachbegriffe der Informatik"
Version v0.9j can convert Text to MORSE characters
Version v0.9k can emit bullshit mini-phrases with BS.
Version v0.9l updates MVV with a slightly different & enhanced syntax (aliases)
Version v0.9n features "EBAY" to look up an auction by number
Version v0.9o enabled "TOPIC" to see the current and past topics
Version v0.9p can answer "WHERE" to download a program and which "PORT" a service has
Version v0.9q also knows about ip "PROTOCOL"s and ethernet "OUI"s
Version v0.9r added "GOOGLE" and "RFC"
Version v0.9t regained the urlcatcher. Opt-in and have any URLs you say publically displayed on the web by using "/cc urlen on".
Version v0.9x can convert IPs with "CIDR". Also added WHATIS, PWGEN and a fixed NP.
Version v0.9z now features "TRENNE" to show German hyphenations of words.
Version v0.9 gateways "WM" for Soccer World Championship results
Version v0.9 features "BLZ" to cater your banking needs ;-)
Version v0.9 has "FONE" to try to map your phone number to geographical location.
Version v0.9 has several new features since the last update. HTTP, DC, MCD... See "HELP DB" for a list of all possible information queries.
Version v0.9 includes new commands like IDN, COLOR, TZ, DICO, AIRPORT, IATA, ROLL, COORD, FIRSTSEEN, GENDER, VANITY, U8, DSN

Counter[v0.9], by Stefan `Sec` Zehl